Dec 12, 2015

Thassia Naves, the founder and editor of “Blog Da Thassia” is no stranger to Instagram. She counts close to 2 million followers and has been named to the Business of Fashion’s top 500 influencers in fashion. Here, Naves name checks the five feeds that she can’t get enough of.



One of the fashion world’s leading tastemakers Eva Chen came to fame via her stint as the editor in chief of Lucky magazine. But when she became head of fashion partnerships at Instagram her influence went supernova. One of her visual calling cards is to post photos of the bag and shoes she is sporting each day. “Eva Chen's feed is always full of fun, interesting fashion stories and the most adorable pictures of her daughter Ren,” said Naves about why she is an avid follower of Chen.


Naves calls this feed “the bible of fashion” and it is hard to argue with that point. There are a lot of Vogue and Vogue look a like feeds on Instagram but this one is a “must follow” for any die hard fashionista. Filled with the both the latest fashion images and some impressive vintage Vogue #TBT shots, the feed honors fashion at its best, and has links to great articles in its bio line.


A concrete catwalk regular in her own right, Naves still has her favorites amongst the photographers who shoot street style. Top on her list is Tommy Ton. A focus on the intriguing mélange of accessories in the images he posted on and now have made his work instantly recognizable. “It can be interesting to compare the styles in various different countries and cities around the world from Milan to Paris,” said Naves about Ton’s work.

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